Nokia x3-02 touch not working properly

11.06.2018 | by Admin
Nokia Releases Official Flash File Downloader. Is same it could be that the touch screen is damaged and needs to. If after change ic problem not solved then check these tracks i hope urs problem will be solved. If you have further Questions please dont hesitate to leave a comment.

Get started Keys and parts Insert the SIM card and battery Insert or remove.

Just refer to the solution below and do some check up on the highlighted components. Stronghold Kingdoms - Top Tier Village In One Day. Some forums say the triangle button, but that isnt doing it. Blackberry auto loader full os collection. If you are not able to do anything with your phone's touch screen stops responding, such as the importance of touch screen phones. In diagram bellow you can see some parts.
Nokia x3-02 touch not working properly
This solution may help if after confirmed that the speaker is working well or already tried replacing it, but still there is no voice sound can be heard during a call conversation. Check out our full review after the cut. This may take longer than usual. The solution below shows the components where the audio data signals of the earpiece speaker feeds. Restore original settings If your device is not working properly, you can reset some settings to their original values.