Only cardio when cutting

31.08.2018 | by Cathrine
How important is cardio when cutting. Count each and every calorie that you consume each day and dont cheat. Some maintain the theory that its all about the calories in and calories out but this doesnt take into account real world studies and body chemistry see wikipedia links below.

The most important factor for cutting is Diet.

Cardio is something that I think many people misunderstand. Even teachers are paid high salaries when you factor in the benefits and pensions. Common types of aerobic exercise include running, swimming and cycling. Lastly, the higher the intensity, the greater the increase in metabolic rate in. Your best choice is to do some of each. If youre trying to lose weight without cardio, you can still hit the gym and drop calories. The weight will start to come off.
In this video I explain my views on cardio and how I am going to fit it into my cutting phase. A simple to make Logic Probe with Pulse Detect and Signal Source, only cardio when cutting. So to lose weight without cardio or exercise all you need to do is work out your caloric intake. Why can't we breathe nitrogen instead of oxygen.