Pip install configobj

20.08.2018 | by Audria
Python-configobj package information. Both these aspects need testing. Edit Edit, Turns out someone has already done started on the hard work but its unreleased.

Sudo apt-get install python-configobj.

Nearly all dependencies should install automatically using pip install. If I do that will it install to the correct place. I downloaded it from here but it throws an error during installation except Exception, e. Folders are deleted from there too, pip install configobj, but listed in project explorer nevertheless.

To install the correct version try using pip.

Pip install configobj — photo 1
Could somebody walk me through installing the python configobj module. More information about apt-get install. I know that seems basic but I don't work a lot with python so I just wanted to make sure since this library doesn't appear to have a windows msi. The easiest way to install this is to do it via PIPs which requires Setuptools. Tt's the same for Linux versions also, provided you have pip. I downloaded it from here but it throws an error during installation.