Pokemon emerald what beats rock

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Please log in or register to add a comment. You'll find Rock Smash from a man in Mauville City, but you won't be able to use it. Beat May or Brendan your rival for the fourth time on your way to the sixth gym in Fortree town.

Take some fine sandpaper and clean the contacts on the back of the gauge and on the circuit board that the gauge mounts to.

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Strategy for DAD Petalburgh City Gym Leader in Emerald. Is something wrong with the Gym Leader's Linoone Emerald. It has stong moves, and uses rest to restore hp. I can't really tell you every thing to beating the Pokemon league but this, rain all your Pokemon to a high level an. Milotic Water If you have enough patience to get one. I am not using MC Edit World edit or any other mods to make this, pokemon emerald what beats rock.
Pokemon emerald what beats rock
Exe PIcon startup utility does. Plenty of restorative items for this battle. If you cant beat him the regular way, yu may need to wear out all his PP. You may want to beat xatu either as soon as you can or very last. Rock Smash is a key ability in Pokemon Emerald, and is required to advance in several parts of the story. Com Categories Entertainment Arts Toys Pokemon Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald What beats what in Pokemon Emerald. Back to all Pokemon Emerald cheats.