Setup dual boot windows 7 and linux mint

28.06.2018 | by Admin
In the beginning of the Ubuntu installation, the installer needs a partition where Ubuntu would be installed. First, near the top, I had to indicate which drive I wanted to install Mint on. Thats the other point Im trying to make. Now on Next Window Click on Choose Settings that are currently Available to Enable Settings.
I hope this detailed description helped you to setup a dual OS box. Using Linux Mint is fairly easy and installing Linux Mint is no rocket science either. If an external drive is involved in this type of setup, then I wouldnt consider it dual-booting. And if you chose to use Linux Mint, thats even a better decision. This image shows the partitions from the computer used for this tuto.

How to Create a Natural Makeup, setup dual boot windows 7 and linux mint.

Setup dual boot windows 7 and linux mint — photo 2
Before that let me recap you a few things about installing Linux Mint. Theyre a fairly simple dessert to make but dont try to cook too many in the oven in one go. I suppose that's one of the ironies of life, doing the wrong thing at the right moment -C. I had previously used Ubuntu, and I agreed with those who felt that it was designed as more of an alternative to Mac. The warranty got over a couple of months back so Nokia Care is also not an option. Because of having to pay for Windows I initially installed a Linux Mint distro from USB.