Trippy beats to listen to when high

21.06.2018 | by Admin
Theyd also be featured on the acid mixtape and the why the fuck are the walls melting mixtape. Yes Im Changing By Tame Impala. If you enjoy this song while youre high, check out other Cudi songs as he is one of the best artists to listen to while floating in the clouds.

It even has a cool little electric guitar solo thatll really add to your listening pleasure.

If youre just starting to listen to the legendary pot smoker, start out with his most popular song. You cant have a list of songs to listen to when high without Snoop Doggy Dogg somewhere on there. The Beatles to listen to, but broaden your horizon when it comes to this group. Block paving makes a huge first impression when approaching your home.
Trippy beats to listen to when high — photo 2
These guys were so trippy and creative that they are the group to listen to for every stoner. These r niiice, but getting high to puff the magic dragon beats all. PSX qui utilise there are many games the way, let's get on with it Well, it's finally here. What are some songs that stimulate your brain when High. If there was a pothead mixtape, at least half of the songs would be by Pink Floyd.