What does airport code bna stand for

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What does ORD mean, for instance. Com The World's most comprehensive acronyms and slang dictionary. The B stayed for Berry Field while the NA for Nashville. But its BNA identifier remained the same.

BNA stands for Nashville, TN, USA - Nashville Metropolitan Airport Airport Code.

Next, it was the turn of Sky Harbor Airport in Rutherford County to become the main airport for the city, but the authorities felt that Sky Harbor was too far away. Nashville International Airport. BNA is the three letter airport code for the Nashville International Airport. Harry Berry helped build the Nashville airport and the B in BNA stands for Berry. See all of our low fares departing Nashville on the BNA flight deal page. How to make a Light Sensor on Breadboard. Before BNA airport opened up, Nashville was served by an airport named Hampton Field.

Whether youre taking an early-morning flight or a late-night red-eye, riders can use Uber to request airport rides and car service at BNA.

So whenever you want to get some PDF files you may come to our website directly. Pulling the network cable out and in fixed the problem but didnt want to be doing that everytime. How to do Smoking Fingers Trick. You can check out more of BNA's characteristics and attributes below, including its airport code, location indicator and location identifier.