What happened to the catapult at six flags new england

12.08.2018 | by Genevieve
The Great NorEaster event put on by the American Coaster Enthusiasts is happening at the end of the month. The other is Slammer at Thorpe Park. Enjoy lunch, dinner, and a snack on each visit -- all season long. I have been on it and it is a rush.
Video Credit and thanks to Coop. It hasn't been confirmed if the ride. Last week we reported that Catapult was being removed from Six Flags New England. The name will be changed to bizarro.

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At this point anything could happen. Ive never met anyone who felt that it was just an okay ride. What day does the ride Terminator Salvation open at six flags. If Six Flags New England does go back to the town we will be at that meeting. Catapults location could probably fit two smaller family friendly flats.