What is complement in a sentence

07.09.2018 | by Moses
How to use complement in a sentence. An object complement is a noun, pronoun, or adjective which follows a direct object and renames it or tells what the direct object has become. It completes the idea about the subject.
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Example of an object complement in a sentence. It is what describes what the subject does or what its like. If an angle is a complement to another, that means they add up to ninety degrees. In grammar, a complement is a word or word group that completes the predicate in a sentence. Putting on hemorrhoid cream for the first time. The painting is the complement that will bring everything together in my redesigned living room.
What is an example of objective complement in a sentence. Their advice was of the greatest value to the generals in command, and the military talents of each were the complement of the other's. In traditional grammar the predicate is the second mandatory part of a sentence, the first being the subject. Th e role that made Marilyn a star. If I have pie I must have its complement, whipped cream, along with it. If i put up a cash bond can they take money out for a judgement against me.