What is matter made up of only one kind of atom

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If two or more kinds of atoms or compounds are mixed together but do not react to form a new compound, you have a mixture. Chemistry Notes Atom the building blocks of matter Element Elements are made up of atoms. If two or more different kinds of atoms are combined into a molecule, you have a compound.
What is matter made up of only one kind of atom — photo 2
Nucleus proton positive charge neutron neutral charge electron clouds energy. What Is the Difference Between an Atomic Bomb and a Nuclear Bomb. What its made up of its characteristics how it reacts with other matter. Matter made up of a single kind of atom is referred to as an element.
A sample of a chemical element, if pure, is made of one kind of atom. How do I set up BT Email on my computer or mobile device. An atom is the smallest particle of matter everything is made of atoms atoms combine together to form molecules. What Is the Definiton of Crystal Lattice. A substance that is made up of only one kind of atom is.