What is the definition of health triangle

10.08.2018 | by Carmelia
The Health Triangle refers to our physical, mental, and social health. Physical health, mental and emotional health, and social health. Joining a club or seeing friends more often could be ways of improving the social side.

Ways to improve the physical side include eating better, exercising more and getting more sleep.

What do you think makes a shape a triangle. It is one of the basic shapes of geometry. The health triangle is a teaching tool that examines mental, physical and social health. Are the sides of your own triangle equal. Below we will briefly explore each of the corners of the Iron Polygon of Health Care. Keep all three sides in balance to stay healthy. Aspects Health Triangle - Explore Top Health Answers.

One also learns to rebound, pass and block the ball.

Once you've drawn the ideal health triangle, draw another triangle to represent the current state of your own physical, mental and social health. The more attention and effort you give to each aspect of health, the longer that side of the triangle will be. What does triangle of health mean. The health triangle must be in balance to achieve and maintain optimum health.