What type of boundary forms when two oceanic plates collide

11.08.2018 | by Admin
What happens when two continental plates collide along a convergent plate boundary. As the subducting plate descends into the mantle where it is being gradually heated a benioff zone is formed. In continental-continental convergent boundaries, where two continents collide, the crust becomes deformed and thickened forming mountain chains. When two oceanic plates collide one oceanic plate is eventually subducted under the other.
Continental plates typically do not subduct beneath oc. This occurrence explains the creation of the Himalayas where India and Asia collided. This type of continental collision occurs when a sea or ocean between the two slowly shrinks until it fully disappears and the continents join together to form a large mountain range. Before it collided with the Eurasian plate, the Indian subcontinent was actually an island located on its own tectonic plate. If it continues happening constantly, then. This type of boundary forms when two oceanic plates collide.
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From that day on, about two hours after I switch on my PC, the same thing occurs. What type of mountain forms because of two oceanic plates colliding. What forms where two oceanic plates collide. Continental and Oceanic Plates. Where one plate slides under the other is referred to as the 'subduction zone'.