Who can su in unix

06.07.2018 | by Bradley
This article will help you briefly understand the difference between su and su - in Linux systems. You can only run one command at a time, so if you need to do several things together you will need to write a script. However, occasionally the rulers do tell someone.
Alternatively you can chain them together in a one liner. Id command also gives too many results to check manually. The -m switch to who has a different effect in Linux, and I'm. If you supply a user, you will be logged in as that account until you exit it.
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If you don't provide a user, the su command defaults to the root account, which in Unix is the system administrator account. If the auto-migration tool in Managed WordPress isn't working then you may want to consider manually moving the site. Displays who is logged on to the system. Su can then be used to switch to the root account for only those operations that actually require. Hi All, I am trying to 'SU - myid' in my script through root. With the ordinary users, he or she can tell the rest. Cultured Brick Installation Guide.