Wp-email plugin not working

14.01.2019 | by Barbra
So I am not sure if it will work. Mails Confirmation Mails, Newsletter Mails, Notification Mails not working on Email Subscribers plugin. This is because of the functions limited capabilities. However, server hosts may place temporary or permanent restrictions on the use of PHP mail to reduce automated spam.
But dont worry, theres an easy fix. I would like to have the emailing functionality when someone replies to a comment, but why is this plugin not working. But, absolutely nothing seems to be working. I didnt update this plugin for a while now because I dont have any spare time. Season the shrimp how you desire. However, sometimes, it will not work properly. If they are aware, most users opt for changing this with a plugin.
This worked on my local environment as does my own plug-in but again does not work on live environment. Change this mail option and try again. Feel free to check them out and find the one that works the best for you and your website. At this point, it seems that there is no one out there who has this level of expertise.