Asp net fileupload not working firefox

16.09.2018 | by Rosalyn
The is one customer who has the same browser version as me and another who has an older version. Hi is there any problem with fire fox. Hi here is my other code could you please tell me where would u put the fileupload.
Now lets examine how the server works. When you come to get the name of the user-selected file in your code which for example was a file picture. Is File upload control inside the Update panel. But the same thing working find in ie. This is working fine except for some people using FireFox.
Asp net fileupload not working firefox — photo 2
If it is so then it will not work, either you have to trigger event or put file upload control out side update panel. Remove the updatepanel and both uploadcontrols work fine. No matter what, my AsyncFileUpload. Walk with the Limp is the pirate pimp.