Cali connection grape og review

06.08.2018 | by Essie
This potent hybrid mixes Grape Romulan with Tahoe OG Kush in an amazing way. Grape OG Female marijuana seeds from Cali Connections is a flavoursome character with a cerebral high to boot. Grape OG - Product Information.

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Cali connection grape og review
Thanks to her robust and vigorous nature, Grape OG is a breeze to grow. The results are magnificent with a lemon-fuel smell that's killer plus a triple helping of gooey trichomes that make these rocky buds an extraction master's wet dream. You dont need to have a lot of experience or equipment to be satisfied with this one. Grape OG is a small-medium sized plant that adapts to both indoor and outdoor environments with great results. The resultant strain, when flowered in a legal climate, is strong and robust with a real potent punch from the Tahoe OG Kush side of the genetics. Derived from Cali Connection, Grape OG is a strong and resilient plant oozing with succulent flavours. Cali Connection combined two of the best strains to create this insanely good new mix that melds Tahoe OG Kush's crazy power with Grape Romulan's better yields.
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Anti-Manchu sentiment was very strong at the end of the Qing. We were prepared for a long, cali connection grape og review, tedious, planning session. Has a good yield, thicker stems, better plant structure due to the Grape Romulan.