Car rpm gauge not working

10.09.2018 | by Carlos
Was just gonna trade it in but decided against it. Could be a bad instrument cluster bad stepper motor or the vehicle speed sensor is bad. Hi guys, I went to car wash today than gave miggy a nice interior cleaning at home and suddenly speedometer isn't working anymore, the same with rpm gauge. Anyone got any ideas what would cause it not to work.

The case has two removable interior pieces.

Car rpm gauge not working
When you start your car, the crankshaft inside the engine begins to turn. What is the problem and what do i need to do to fix it. Also noticed that the car seems to not be shifting right all the time. I may just have to get him another gift.
You can also try pouring boiling water down the drain, which may help loosen up whatever is inside. How to fix tachometer error dashboard Toyota Corolla. Why is my rpm gauge not working. When I turn on ignition and it goes through test the tachometer will move just like the rest of the gauges. From time to time the gauge will work but only for a few hours and the check engine light remains on.