Colourpop kathleenlights where the night is

05.08.2018 | by Kimberly
In this collection you can find the colour below. Porter is a warm burgundy with gold glitter. The colours are amazing and you can create so many beautiful looks.
I like both of the collection and I totally recommend them. I forgot to say in the video how unique The Lippie Taurus is. The change over time through natural selection refers to the genetic changes in a species offspring and how those different genotypes react with the environment. And to whom it may concern, is a cruelty free and against animal testing company. Telepathy is a bright gold with metallic finish that really stands out. It was released last December, and its clearly inspired by the festive season with a strong evening makeup vibe. A landscaping company is laying out a triangular flower bed.
I also love to wear it over Littlestitious ultra satin lip to make it metal. As I already said in the Where the light is review all the eyeshadows are creamy and they blend so easily. I truly don't own anything else quite like. Its not the first time the lovely Kathleen Lights has collabed with CP, but this time were down for color. The packaging is kinda similar to Where The Light quad, but it is in black and rose gold hey just look like sisters, I believe these quads are limited and that make them cool collecting items. When I saw that ColourPop and KathleenLights were teaming up again for a new collection, I was thrilled.