Domain controller installation 2008

10.07.2018 | by Admin
Our next step will be configuring Active Directory Domain Services using dcpromo. Select Roles and click Add Roles button as shown above. When the installation finishes click on Close.
If your Domain Controller is a stand-alone server you dont have to choose the DNS server option. The visibility depends strongly on the atmospheric transparency close to the horizon. During the installation, I am going to use bridged networking on my virtual NIC. We are about to start the Active Directory Domain Services installation Wizard. It's recommended that you have all your domain controllers as Global Catalogs. Specify the folders that will contain the Active Directory controller database, log files. Install an Additional Domain Controller by Using the Command Line.
Domain controller installation 2008 — photo 1
You can manage Active Directory using various tools like, Active Directory Users and Computer, Active Directory Sites and Services and Active Directory Domains and Trusts. You can now create user accounts and join hosts to the domain. On the following screen click on Install and wait for the installation to finish. This option exists for backwards compatibility of different features. Best camera settings for sunsets.