Facetime notification sound not working

08.07.2018 | by Titus
I have my notifications on sounds for everything, however I dont hear anything at all. IPad or iPhone notification sounds not working. The volume is all the way up but I hear nothing.
Facetime notification sound not working — photo 2
After much experimenting I found my alarm icon on my control panel was set to off. Once your device boots up, your Facetime should be up and working. Fortunately, the fix can be very easy. Please provide your comments if you have encountered other problems and know of easy fixes.

You can change the default chat wallpaper for all contacts or just for one contact individually, facetime notification sound not working.

Ringer Not Notifying You of an Incoming FaceTime Call. When I open Settings Sounds all the correct sounds are audible, which presumably means that the sound hardware is OK. For parents, trying to get kids to sleep is an eternal problem. You may check this by going to Settings Do Not Disturb. Were busy updating Apple Support Communities and will be back shortly. Recently, Ive stopped getting sound notifications with the exception of FaceTime. I also had a problem with the ringer notifying of an incoming FaceTime call.