How do you close a bag of chips

07.09.2018 | by Layla
Smooth the ends so that they are smooth, flat and airtight. Simply fold down the top three times, fold the ends toward the center and then fold over. Fortunately, there's a way to fold the chip bag so you will never have this problem again and will keep the chips as fresh as the day you bought them. Leaving the package open means you'll be tempted to eat more of them, or they'll eventually go stale.

It might take some practice, but youll get it.

How do you close a bag of chips
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Put safety goggles on and rubber gloves to protect yourself. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Here's how to keep an open bag of chips fresh with your bare hands. But this genius trick allows you to keep your snacks fresh without a bag clip or even a rubber band. Does anyone know how to back up the iPhone without a passcode.