How long before a dead body starts decomposing

30.06.2018 | by Les
Nicknamed the 'Sleeping Beauty', Rosalia's body is still perfectly intact. Putrefaction also kick starts something called skin slippage. Are there any dead astronaut bodies floating around in space. These gases are the what give bodies their terrible smell.
Flies will lay eggs in skin openings and in entrances to the body. All of the breakdown and digestion of the bodys cells are causing gases to be released. While it may be morbid, it's normal to wonder what happens to our bodies post-mortem. Therefore, if a dead body is exposed to water or air, then it will dramatically decompose. The stages of decay occur right away, and what transpires. A liquidy body cavity is what becomes of our abdomen.
How long before a dead body starts decomposing — photo 2
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