How long do pap smear results take

16.08.2018 | by Catherine
How And Why To Have A Pap Smear. If the lab is in the doctors office you could get the results the same day. If the doctor did not collect a sufficient supply of cells for testing, your results will be returned and the test will need to be repeated.
How long do pap smear results take
The interior of chassis is coated black to provide a sense of unity and elegant design. Perhaps as a result, different airlines around the world have begun using different terminology for their economy flights. Does a pap smear test for herpes. Trying to give your cat liquid with a syringe is somewhat akin to trying to give a toddler a foul-tasting medicine.
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Contact your health care provider to clarify what tests you had done. Most likely the results arrived at the office but some sort of breakdown occurred in communicating the results to you. A pap smear only takes a couple of minutes.