How to access my website root directory

06.08.2018 | by Admin
How do I change the directory index. Php I might want to reference my doc root or app root. What Is a Hive in the Windows Registry. How many folders can I create in my hosting account's root.

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How to access my website root directory — photo 1
This article describes how to change the document root directory for an account on a shared server. This question was asked during an interview with Google and I can't find any answer. Managing Hosting After You Cancel. How to Use the Attrib Command in Windows. Now, open root directory's index. Will ash hair color offset orange brassy tones.

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How to access my website root directory
A domain's document root, also known as the home folder. Script to install StorNext File System and Storage Manager on the. I'm thinking of encrypting your home directory, but if anyone has done it before, i'd appreciate if you can share the knowledge. The term web root folder may sometimes be used to describe the directory that holds all of the files that make up a website.