How to clear history on mac safari

29.06.2018 | by Madeleine
Open the Safari Browser on your Mac. Download it on your Mac computer and try it after reading this post on how to clear history on Mac in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Although, the option is named as Clear History, it actually deletes Cookies and also the entire browser cache, in addition to deleting your browsing history.

How to clear history and cache on Mac safari.

Open Safari browser, you can navigate to History Clear History to clear the browsing history, cookies as well as caches. Clear Entire Safari Browsing History on Mac. In Safari on your Mac, remove all records of your browsing history for a period of time you choose. Follow the steps below to clear your entire Safari browsing history on Mac. Removing or Editing autofill data from Safari.
How to clear history on mac safari
Click the Safari tab from the top menu. How to Delete History, Cookies in Safari on MacOS. Liblqr Package Installation on Mac. Safari browser also offers a way to clear individual websites or specific web pages from your browsing history on Mac. We spent two hours at the park. This is your web browser history.