How to create a new file in photoshop cs5

28.06.2018 | by Maybell
Now, select the Rounded Rectangle Tool in the menu on the left and in the menu at the top select the Shape layers icon. In Photoshop make sure that you have the image that you want to add the rounded edges to open. To the right of this you will see a radius option.
What you are doing when you import your images as layers in Photoshop is creating something called an image stack. That will prompt you with the New Doc. Now click File, New and click OK in the window that appears. Create Workspace according to your work will help you to enhance your work and.
Set the width and height by choosing a preset from the Size menu or entering values in the Width and Height text boxes. Tap on their portraits to visit them or tap on the whistle button to make them come to you. Click Edit again and click Paste, your image will appear in the new Photoshop document and that is how to round corners in photoshop. How much does braces cost a month.