How to do chapter 4 in the silent age

20.10.2018 | by Gretchen
Travel to the future and pick an apple off the tree. Go back to the lab and give the apple to the scientist. The levels appear simplistic but just enough to have you understand what to do next, while bringing you down into the mood of the situation you seemingly feel as though you are there with Joe. You will find another quarter on the table inside the Night Club.

Place the soil in the drawer and then add the apple core.

Walk to the other side of the area. Lift the red broken thing and use the broom to clear the dust and reveal a manhole cover. Chords of how can i be sure by the young rascals from ChordU. This is a walkthrough video for The Silent Age Episode One on iOS and Android by House on Fire.
How to do chapter 4 in the silent age
We do mean this in a bad way, but it has certainly done a great job in making me feel the gloom of Joes life story. Get a quarter from the parking meter, then go inside the Night Club. Many of the inventory puzzles are straightforward, while others take a bit of creative thinking, and all serve to move the narrative along at a good pace. Levels are designed with a surprising amount of empty space, few details which creates a for rather simple exploration. Due to lack of standards, as seen in Skeet and Trap you won't find this category in the Olympic Games.