How to get the look a dutch crown braid

14.06.2018 | by Admin
When youre doing braiding, use bobby pins to keep the braid in place. Want to get in on the super-trending Dutch braid trend but also want to stand out from the crown. Next, after finishing braiding, gently pull the braids apart but make sure that they do not look too big or that you may pull too hard and ruin it.
How to get the look a dutch crown braid — photo 2
It works on short hair, long hair and all the in-betweeners too. Follow along below to find out how to do it for yourself or feel free to book Mollie to help you out. It's a Dutch Crown Braid crafted by Jennifer. Right around the crown and clip it out of the way.
How to get the look a dutch crown braid
Start braiding all the way around the crown of the head and down towards the other side. Crown braids have become especially popular over the last few years for girls who are going to a dance, or. Split your hair in half and then choose one of the sides to braid upward while you braid downward on the other side. That's music to this lob lover's ears. Clip-ins to transform them into a dutch crown braid in four easy steps. Com is an industry leader providing Intelligent Marketing Solutions to the nation's leading brands, fundraisers and midmarket enterprises. Braids are all the rage and I'm not saying that Frozen is the leading culprit but it definitely had a little influence over the fabulous Mandy of Waiting on Martha when she concocted this how-to.