How to make herb seed balls

15.09.2018 | by Ebonie
Here is an easy recipe for making your own seed balls. Learn how to make seed balls at home. Garden with Wildflower Seed Balls All Year.

In their clay coats, the seeds are protected from being eaten or blown away until the rains come.

How to make herb seed balls — photo 2
Give the bees abundant options for nectar as they face immense challenges. Why Green Gifts are Important for our Kids. Make your own colored seed balls. Seed balls are an ancient technology, but they were. Could you advise me in what to do.
Here are some herbs for seed balls. You just scatter the balls on the ground and leave them. If you're using your seed balls to beautify an empty lot or even a corner of your own garden, your best bet is to use seeds for plants that are native or adapted to your region. Read this article for info on making your own.