How to melt white chocolate chips microwave

23.07.2018 | by Melita
When the chips are almost melted, stir more thoroughly to help the last few lumps melt without further cooking. Drizzle melted chocolate over baked goods or use it to make shaped chocolates by pouring it into foo. If you have more time, melt chocolate on the stovetop.
How to melt white chocolate chips microwave
You melted the chocolate, now what. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. If you microwave the chocolate until it looks completely melted, you risk burning the chocolate. White Chocolate Raspberry Thins. All types of candy chips -- chocolate, butterscotch and peanut butter -- are easy to melt in the microwave. To melt the chocolate, place it in a wide, shallow bowl and put it in the microwave.

It is recommended that you melt white chocolate using a double-boiler, but in a pinch, a microwave can also be used.

Condensed water can ruin the chocolate if it drips down into it. Iskljucite dijelove paketa koje ne zelite instalirati, how to melt white chocolate chips microwave. You could skip this step if you start out with white chocolate chips instead of larger pieces.