How to remove automatic configuration script ie

03.08.2018 | by Riley
I tried creating test policy and selected Automitically Detect setting however it is getting selected but not removing Use Automatic configuration script. I had, somehow despite protections, incurred a trojan. This is same as unchecking use automatic configuration script. I believe the new VPN is looking at this script when connected to a particular ISP I know, its very odd.
Can anyone guide from their experience how to remove Use Automatic configuration script. And this option is check Use Automatic configuration script and Users can uncheck if they want. Find top links for easy and hassle free access to daily mail login rewards. You could modify the computer defaults and push a registry.

Cannot find the specified module.

How to remove automatic configuration script ie
Original posted under What key in windows registry disables IE connection parameter Automatically Detect Settings. Hope somebody can help me do this. Can you tell me how to set Use automatic configuration script. Below is script I found browsing around the internet but I cant find the source page. Which is the one mentioned by Microsoft Support.