How to say may we have in french

10.09.2018 | by Admin
Use bonjour to say good morning or hello to someone. Remember, how you say hello in French depends on your relationship with the other person, and the social setting. Additional context could help answer the question definitively. Whether you're just learning French or about to take a trip to a French-speaking country, thank you is one of the first phrases you should learn.
When you want to ask someone what is wrong, you may use the question quest-ce quil. As an example, English sometimes uses elipsis, where We have is an affirmative response to a question to reply that Yes, we have done something. We have is Nous avons, but be cautious about trying to do a mechanical translation between English verbs like to be and to have and French. It can be used from a doctor to a patient to find out what is wrong medically or from friend to friend to question what is not going well in life. Youll hear how to say hello in French and learn other words. Find Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and double-click on it. Try to fill in the blanks in the short dialogues below, and write your answers in the comments at the bottom of this article.
Well go into more detail and cover even more greetings below. To help you begin pronouncing some of the most common French greetings, check out this short video. In this case, you don't usually say bonne nuit since they're not about to go to sleep. How to say May in Other Languages. So at the end of this article, there is a section with French etiquette tips, dos, and donts.