How to use a smudge stick to cleanse your home

24.06.2018 | by Deane
A Sage Smudging Ritual To Cleanse Your Aura Clear Your Space. Set alight, and gently blow out the flame to allow the material to continue to smolder. The smudging ceremony is an ancient ritual involving the burning of herbs to cleanse a person, object or home. Sage is often used, especially by the Native Americans who have used it in ceremonies to banish negative energy and evil spirits.
How to use a smudge stick to cleanse your home — photo 2
Place the smudge stick onto the lit charcoal round and enjoy. When burned, the leaves smolder and give off a fragrant smoke that some Native Americans, pagans and magical practitioners believe drive away negative energies and evil influences. Learn more about smudging and other spiritual topics on my blog. These are a part of Native American healing, and have a lot of benefits. Smudging is frequently done to cleanse people, places and objects. Rosemary and sage smudge sticks are the perfect duo for protection and clearing negative energy in your home.
You can either use a smudge stick, which is a bundle of herbs that are dried and braided into a stick or you can use loose herbs. If you have special requests, post to the blog and I will be happy to help you out. Learn how to make your own smudging sticks and how to use it. Place the smudge stick or loose herbs in the abalone shell, or a clay bowl, and light them.