Inno setup run check

25.06.2018 | by Daren
If you want to have the uninstaller kill the applicatio. I have inno setup scriptin pascal, and I need to check before installation, if an application is running or not. And setup must allow to install to folder A, then the program from folder Bmyapp. Use the AppMutex directive to prevent the uninstaller from proceeding, when an application is running.
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Previously this flag was called showcheckbox. I have a Inno Setup project that I want to check if the application is actually running before uninstalling it. For example the following script that checks for notepad. Directly supervises all front office or Front Desk staffs. Use this page to learn how to convert between inches and centimetres. How do I have it check to see if it is running before allowing uninstall to proceed.

Windows Installer-based installers cannot return to the original user credentials either in such cases.

Inno setup run check
In the code section run the file in the InitializeSetup function. Exe', because there could be two different programms with same exe name, but in different folders. The application has to create the mutex specified by the directive. Instructs Setup to create a checkbox on the Setup Completed wizard page.