Setup deploystudio replica

02.08.2018 | by Marilee
As this is our first one, it will certainly be a master. First of all we need to install FreeIPA server to one of our machines. This text should be straightforward guide to users who want to setup and test FreeIPA replica feature. Repartition the boot drive with one partition this erases any existing OS and Recovery HD partitions.

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Available storage space sufficient to server OS X images for deployment. The Sync options allow the admin to choose what is replicated to the Replica. Next, you'll decide whether the DeployStudio repository will be a local folder or a network share point. I will often be using DS as shorthand for DeployStudio throughout this series.
Setup deploystudio replica
App from the Utilities folder and select Create a DeployStudio NetBoot set Figure. DeployStudio can also be setup in a master or replica hierarchy similar to Open Directory to scale with the needs of its clients organizations. Hi Guys, I recently took over an ex employee who had been handling DeployStudio in this organisation. In accounting terminology debit value equals to credit value meanstallied. Problem I am facing is while changing the Master Server from old to new. Finally open up the DeployStudio Runtime.