Sql server 2005 error 3241 when restore

12.09.2018 | by Admin
I need to append data not to overwrite. Sometimes, the users of MS SQL server faced an error when they try to restore SQL database from the backup file in the SQL server. Microsoft SQL Server articles, forums and blogs for database administrators DBA and developers. Continue to restore the backup and then repair DB after restoration.
Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. The database back up was created on a Windows Vista machine and I thought that the different OS versions was the culprit. However, I got the following error. The tail of the log for the database pubs has not been backed up. I tried Backup with transaction log option. There is no definitive amount of time that it can take to go from sitting for a job interview to receiving an actual job offer. Generally, you can't restore a backup.
To solve these database problems there are few things that you should remember is that these error can occur due to many reasons but you must ensure the following before starting any solution. The more I can make at home from scratch when its worth my time. I want to restore a database using bak file from another server to my local PC so I can have a copy of that database here. Bak file but doesnt know which sql server version. All remaining Windows updates applicable are installed. I have tried to create a temp DB on server and tried to restore the same.