Two households both alike in dignity what does it mean

12.06.2018 | by Elijah
Not having much luck finding an answer. How do you paraphrase two households both alike in dignity. That is why the word household is used. Now youre getting into Shakespeare, and the language is so old that we native speakers in this century dont understand it without special training.
I think but am not sure that civil here means civilian. Both alike in dignity means Both families have equally high status. It is meant to include servants and friends. His fate is in the stars, and he cant do anything to change it. It was like a civilian war, like two gangs fighting.

I have some questions about this prologue.

In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, both the Montague and Capulets are dignified, noble families. What does take their life mean. Thus, these wealthy families became known as nobles or the nobility. Both of Romeo and Juliet's parents have the title of lord and lady. So there was a feud between two families who killed each others members.