What causes trichinosis in pigs

30.08.2018 | by Londa
Complications may include inflammation of heart muscle, central nervous system. Several different species of Trichinella can cause human disease. Animals can become infected with Trichinella when they feed on other infected animals or on garbage containing infected meat scraps. The most common species is Trichinella spiralis, which has a global distribution and is the species most commonly found in pigs.
Trichinosis is caused by the larvae of the Trichinella roundworm. Infection only occurs when raw undercooked meat containing the parasite is ingested. Trichinosis is an infection caused by roundworms in the genus Trichinella, with infection resulting entirely from food sources. You can also click in the menu bar and ask Siri to FaceTime audio Lisa or FaceTime John, what causes trichinosis in pigs, for example.
The parasitic worm is often found in animals that eat meat. Pigs are one of the most common carriers of this parasite. Compare all fast mobile broadband deals. For your first attempt at embossing a leather book, use a practice book until you get the process down. A burger's a burger, Smith says.