What color nails for a navy blue dress

12.09.2018 | by Admin
Suggested either a nude colour or a red with blue undertones. I have this thing to go to tommarow and I was wondering what nail-polish color do you think would go with navy blue. Crew for her seven bridesmaids.

Unfortunately the heels Im wearing in the photo above are no longer available, but popular, wear-with-everything gold sandal, are Sam Edelmans Yaro.

Want to know the secret colour. When you are a rookie, you truly dont understand how to match it. Its dark, camouflages those little bulges we all could do away with, and is appropriate for just about anywhere you are headed to. While almost all colors go with navy blue, some add a whole new level to it. Not sure what colour nails to go for. Chances are a navy blue outfit is a part of your final list. For a unique, sophisticated nail color to match.
What color nails for a navy blue dress
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