What do crabeater seal eat

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Soon after the birth an adult male crabeater will join the mother and pup. Despite the name, Crabeater Seals dont eat Crabs. Why are crabeater seals called crabeater if they do not eat crabs. They are chubby on the top portion of theirbody, and then become slender on the bottom half.
What do crabeater seal eat
The crabeater seal Lobodon carcinophaga is a true seal with a circumpolar distribution around the coast of Antarctica. When winter approaches and the amount of ice begins. He will protect both from predators and other males. What does a crabeater seal eat. The decision of whether to treat your data as normally distributed is not as important as whether it is possible to run a parametric test. How do crabeater seals have their young. Com Categories Animal Life Mammals Aquatic Mammals Seals and Sea Lions What does a crabeater seal eat.
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Their teeth just look a bit like crabs. It is not considered as an endangered species, lthough commercial seal hunting is banned in the Antarctic region. Crabeater seals have one main food item, krill, which is an abundant shrimp-like crustacean that is found all around Antarctica. The pups are weaned in three weeks, but it is not known if this is natural or if the male forces the mother and pup apart. What do crabeater seals look like. Dual Concentric driver technology provides class-leading coherence and point-source imaging. Parents may have student information sent to them by email.