What do you want in your life partner

03.09.2018 | by Elliot
Like a good daughter I also want to be good daughter in law. If you are reading this, I want to tell you, you are not perfect neither am I, but I feel perfect when you are around. What qualities do you dream of having in your dream boyfriend or life partner no limits. Why do short girls want a tall boy as her boyfriend or life partner.
What do you want in your life partner
How do I find a boyfriend, husband, or life partner. Yes, I know it is a melodious dream. Why do we need partners in our life. I wish that my life partner would a good singer. Do you believe a marriage can last if each partner wants completely different things in life. I want to visit the places of my interest specially famous libraries of the world, famous museums, historical places and so on. Share your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires.
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Then turn up the heat a little. If you dont tell your partner what you like, dont like, and what your expectations are in the bedroom then you cant expect them to know. Is it strange to only want one life partner. Every good, healthy relationship is based on communication.