What does it mean when you get clumpy discharge

22.06.2018 | by Beth
White, clumpy discharge with no itching can be a sign of a vaginal infection or perhaps a piece of toilet paper that has worked its way up into the vaginal canal and caused an irritation. If you still notice the discharge after the required treatment, see your Dr. What does it mean if you have white clumpy discharge that doesn't itch. I've been sexually active for about a month now, I don't know if you need to know that.
The increased fluid helps wash out any bacteria or germs that could pose a risk to your vaginas overall health and balance. Can you Welding aluminum to steel, brass, iron. NAll yeast infections do not itch. Having a white discharge usually means you have some sort of a yeast infection. As you get closer to your period, the discharge may become thicker and more opaque.

Kathleen Romito on WebMD says that the vaginal discharge caused by yeast infections will be white, thick, lumpy, and not have any odor.

What does it mean when you get clumpy discharge
You can win for matching just the Powerball, while the jackpot is won by matching all five main numbers plus the Powerball. If youre experiencing a thick, white discharge that can be described as clumpy or clotted, you may be experiencing discharge from a yeast infection. What does it mean when you get white discharge. This milky white discharge may also be a sign that youre pregnant. For months now I've had this clumpy, white discharge.