What to do with wet hair in a rush

15.03.2019 | by Chantel
My trick is that I take my hair out and redo the braid in the afternoon. When youre late for work or in a rush to grab dinner with the gals, aint nobody got time to perfectly style their hair. Here are nine hairstyles that look great when styled with damp hair. Hold one side in each hand and keep these separate as you braid.

When you're trying to get ready in a flash, the last thing you need is a complicated hair routine.

I ended up rushing out the door this morning with wet hair and all I could think of was a low tight bun. Luckily, we have proof you can pull off polished locks without a blow-dryer - wet hair and all - with three ultra-nourishing leave-in products from Garnier Whole Blends. Major hair inspo, here you come. My hair takes such a long time to dry and I dislike sleeping with wet hair at night.
I logged into wordpress admin and made some changes and everything was working ok. I will remember this for next time. In all honestly, while we all want Blake Lively-worthy hair, who really has time to let their hair dry for so long. Id rather wash my hair in the morning and wear one of these braids. Find this Pin and more on inspiration makeup by Cat's Canvas.