What was the moon phase last night 2014

14.09.2018 | by Natashia
These phases occur at very specific times and are measured by both the Moons luminosity and how far along the Moon is in its orbit around Earth. My initial reaction was that something was on fire very near my house and I got a bit of a fright. Stunning honey-colored full moon lights up night sky to delight sky-watchers. I could see it again as I came near home, it wasn't as red as before but looked like a big orange in the sky.
What was the moon phase last night 2014
The diagram below on the right is one you typically see in books. You can see the phases drawn in the image below. This is why the PPC is flatter at its end points and more curved in the middle. To the casual observer, the moon may be only an occasional highlight in the night sky.

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The amber colors are due to the scattering of longer wavelengths of light by dust and pollution in our atmosphere. But there are some surprising facts behind the moon's phases. This groups exists to explore the new body's unique features, what was the moon phase last night 2014, such as video. By Andrew Fazekas, for National Geographic.