Who invented the plane first

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The Wright Brothers a fascinating story. They sent the good news about the flight to their father. The Wright Brothers' dream of inventing a flying machine had come true.

Two Brothers who owned a bycycle factory and were interested in flying machines as a hobby were the first to build a working airplane.

The pair later became famous as the Wright Brothers. It was flown in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina USA, and made with a wooden frame with canvas covering with a petrol motor. Html JavaScript is funny javascript srchello, invented the. Previous Who Invented the Analytical Engine Computers.
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The Wrights used this stopwatch to time the Kitty Hawk flights. I've been using it for hours and I get the same response when I go to the setting. For the next two years the brothers plied from Kitty Hawk to their home in Dayton, Ohio. The place was Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.