Who is new pope named after

09.07.2018 | by Caitlyn
Cardinals eligible for voting to elect the pope are summoned. The first pope to change his name did so in the Sixth Century because he was named after the Roman god Mercury, and he thought it inappropriate to carry that name as pope. The fact that Pope Francis has chosen a name that has not been used for before may signal that he wants to lead the church into a new chapter, or at least embrace a new tone. Peter's shortly to shout Habemus Papem.

About an hour later, the Pope's identity was revealed as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who takes the name of Pope Francis.

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Today was the first full day of voting. The name the new pope chooses tells a lot about the thrust of his papacy, said Ambrogio Piazzoni, a church historian and vice-prefect of the Vatican library. How is the Pope elected is a question that is often asked by many people, including some Christians who are not aware of the procedure that takes place for the election of a Pope. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran appeared on the balcony of St. The best known tale about Saint Francis's love of nature is recounted in the Fioretti Little Flowers, a collection of legends and folklore. If you eat flaxseeds or flax oil, you can help your liver function better.