Why are most plants green in colour

31.08.2018 | by Sonja
It turns out that being green only captures a portion of sunlight for energy use, but due to the quirks of evolutions and the conditions on earth, it is the best option for plants. Because plant cells have organelles called Chloroplasts, which allcontain Chlorophyll. There are other photosynthesis chemicals known, and some of these give the brown seaweeds and the red seaweeds their colour. If we shine white light on chlorophyll, its molecules will absorb certain colors of light.

The Earths land is covered by green when viewed from space.

And in drought conditions, some plants will turn quite red. The photosynthesis compound chlorophyll is the cause of the green colour in many plants. If you have some weight to shed most of us do, this will help trim down, why are most plants green in colour, assuming you dont watch your diet. Are plants are always green in color.
The person to have the highest price which would be at this time would win what they are bidding for. This observation might make you wonder, why are plants green in the first place. The news of Christinas death shocked not just the music community but the world at large. The earth may have been dominated by purple microbes in the early years. Another theory is that absorbing too much light could damage the plant more than it would help, much like how when we get too much sun, we get a sunburn.