Why are my arms and legs restless at night

18.08.2018 | by Retta
This results in an overwhelming urge to move your arms and legs and makes it difficult to sleep. It ranges from mild, but sometimes the leg pain is so severe to an extent that it prevents sleep or wakes you up from sleep. Well begin though by answering that simple question why cant you sleep. Peripheral artery disease is a narrowing of the peripheral arteries serving the legs, stomach, arms and head.

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Talk to a psychiatrist online for free. The arms and entire body can be affected in more advanced cases, says Dr. Here are a few conditions that may make your leg pain worse at night. Or have you always wondered what a 'typical Australian' is like.
During the day, you might not feel as much leg pain because youre busy and active, so you may also wonder why your leg pain is worse at night. However, sometimes, I'll have very unusual dreams. It only takes a couple of times to disrupt your pattern so make sure that even at the weekend you dont succumb to the temptation to lie in until late in the afternoon. PAD most commonly affects arteries in the legs.