Add anchor point tool not working

19.07.2018 | by Krista
I was having this problem also today. Translate Show Original Translating. This is how you add and delete anchor points in Adobe Illustrator.
I selected the shape and the Add Anchor Point tool, but it's not working. The curvature tool works fine though. Delete I'm having a similar problem on my mac - I click on the anchor point but it doesn't select it and give me handles. It works on the pc but not on the mac.
Config file in the web application to which you want to apply those changes. And we're actually going to have, let's decrease our stroke just a little bit. PDF Giyo Air Supply Floor Pump Review - WordPress. Thanks for helpThis bug made its way into flash CC as well. Eating up a lot of my time simply because I can't select or convert or add the anchor. Anchor point tool doesn't work properly. You are from a country which does not allow you to give up your citizenship.