Engine shut off when ac on

26.08.2018 | by Admin
However today I tested again, and everything back to normal. If the ECU shuts down for an instant, or even longer. Than it vibrates and shuts off. A few days ago when I turned on AC first time of this year while waiting for traffic light, the battery light was on and engine shut off.

To be able to fix a diesel engine that will not shut off, you must first understand a little theory of how it works.

These Pontiacs are bizarre creatures. The car may not idle properly, but it will run well enough to test it. It drives normal when I turned off AC and restart the car. How to get Jack White's sound with the right pedals.
Hence if the gallbladder is affected by a problem, such as gallbladder stones, the supply of bile could be adversely affected, when. When you turn your key off, electrical power is interrupted and the engine quits immediately. Auto runs perfectly until I turn on the Air conditioner. When you turn on ac your ford contour idles low and shuts off. Engine works normal while AC on. Imagine if I turn on AC while I am driving on highway.